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How do I sign up for Showcases?

Registration for all upcoming EFT showcases can be done on our Eventbright page

Do you provide NFL Combine training?

Yes. Our comprehensive and preparatory specific program is built around six pillars: strength, power, speed, mobility, recovery and nutrition. We have created an atmosphere that brings out the best in each athlete. The technical execution for each exercise, drill, and test are instructed with meticulous detail. EFT’s programs are designed for obtaining superior results and building a foundation for success in the NFL, not just for the Combine.

Do you have anything for college athletes that are home for the summer and holiday breaks?

Our Elite classes are geared toward the college athletes and are scheduled throughout the day, year-round. We also love to see our college athletes coming in for position skill work when they’re home so they can remain sharp and keep their competitive edge during their time away from their team.

How can I join an EFT skill session?

Once an EFT client profile is created online or in person, athletes can sign up for a session through the EFT app. Walk-ins are always welcome but will need to complete a registration form and submit payment for the session. There a no free skill trials.

Do you help with college recruiting?

Our  focus is to develop every athlete that trains at EFT and to provide opportunities to create or enhance exposure to colleges, their coaches and scouts. Our College Football Development (CFD) program is for athletes and their families that want EFT to work with them on an in-depth plan for both athletic development and exposure.

How can I find out more about the College Football Development Program?

Our FBA staff will be happy to meet with you and your family to discuss all of the benefits of our CFD program. Please fill out this questionnaire

Do you offer any football camps or classes for younger children?

  • Yes, we have Saturday skill sessions throughout the winter, spring and summer. See our weekly schedule for more details.
  • We also do an annual youth camp in May. See our Events page for more details.

Where can I find a schedule of classes and skill sessions online?

Please see our weekly FBA schedule.



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